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Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of and it's services. You can always submit an eTicket within your online control panel if you need additional assitance.

General Questions?

What is the difference between Premium, Free, & Test Live accounts?

Premium accounts are our paid plans which do not have Banner Ads and allow multiple operators/products (chat, ticketing, and/or tracking) per account.

Free accounts are completely free, but only allow 1 user and 1 product. They also display Banner Ads after the first 2 weeks of service.

Live Test accounts allow you to try full versions of our products (Live Chat Support, eTicketing, & Visitor Tracking) free for 2 days. No Banner Ads and if you choose to upgrade to a Premium or Free account, your setup information is transfered automatically. As a Bonus, Live Chat (embeded) and Live Chat/eTicketing FooterBar are automatically installed on your website with no copy/paste of code required!

Is it really only a 5 minute setup process?

YES! Once you have signed up, our setup wizard asks for your Company Logo Upload, Company Website Colors, Misc Settings, and Copy/Paste a short line of code to your websites html and you are done!

jQuery 1.4+ is required?

YES! if you are running jQuery on your website, Live Chat Support and eTicketing require jQuery 1.4+. Depending where jQuery is being loaded from, you can usually check the version from the url as seen here (loading from google, 1.3 would need to be changed to 1.4)....
< script type="text/javascript" src="//">

If no jquery is installed on your website, we will include what is needed automatically.

Can I install on multiple websites?

Our software can be installed on multiple websites, but it does not allow for multiple company identities to be configured.

How many Operators can I add?

You can add an unlimited number of Operators. Each operator can be set as an Admin or Operator access level. For individual products, each operator is billed at $3/mo. per product. If you subscribe to All Products, each operator is an additional $5/mo.

How much does the service cost?

Please see our Pricing Page for current product pricing. An additional cost per operator per product will be charged. For individual products, each operator is billed at $3/mo. per product. If you subscribe to All Products, each operator is an additional $5/mo.

Why do you show Banner Ads on the Free version after 14 days?

Since it is a Free product, Banner Ads provide an opportunity for us to profit from clicks. This keeps our Premium prices low, while providing our Free customers our high quality products at no cost.

How do I cancel?

If you wish to cancel service, please submit an eTicket from within your control panel. Cancellations and Refunds are handled according to our Terms & Conditions

Live Chat Questions?

Is the chat window customizable?

Change nearly every feature of the chat window. Copy/Paste HTML code to install as Button, Embeded Window, Multi-operator, or FooterBar.

What is the Live Chat: Multi-Operator option?

Chat: Embedded displays within your website pages as a single operator.

Chat: Multi-Operator lists your Operators and thier availability status for visitors to see and allows them to choose which operator they want to start a discussion with.

What is the FooterBar option?

The FooterBar is and embedded bar (many colors to choose from) that resides at the bottom of your web page and can contain Live Chat Support, eTicketing, and a Custom section for additional content as well as your Social Media icons.

How do I change the colors for the chat Button and Window?

In the Operators Control Panel, go to Live Support >> Install Code >> Embedded & Multi-Operator. Color settings are above the Install Code.

Can I set pre-defined responses?

Yes, you can set up Canned Responses. Our canned response system is simple and you can set a response as applicable to Chat, eTicket, or Both.

eTicketing Questions?

Is the eTicket window customizable?

Change nearly every feature of the eTicket window. Upload custom buttons to match your website design (buttons must be 'named' correctly as show on the upload button page). Copy/Paste HTML code to install as Embedded or FooterBar.

Custom email messages?

Yes, every communication email's content can be changed as needed. (registration, forgot password, new ticket, and updated ticket)

How easy is it to stay organized?

Departments, Priority Levels, and eTicket Status all can be set to meet your needs. eTickets can be sorted and filtered by any of the above. Assignment to specific operators is done with a click of a button.

What are some common Department types?

Sales Department, Support Department, Returns, Cancellations, etc...

How does reply by email work?

When an operator submits a reply to an eTicket, your customers will receive an "updated ticket" email. This email can be "replied to:" and they will not have to login to the eTicketing system to post a new comment.

Can I set pre-defined responses?

Yes, you can set up Canned Responses. Our canned response system is simple and you can set a response as applicable to Chat, eTicket, or Both.

Visitor Tracking Questions?

Does the tracking code need to go on every page, or just my homepage?

The tracking code needs to be on every page that you want tracked.

My friend visited from City ABC, but it shows him/her as being in another city!

We determine a visitor's location based on their IP address. Our geolocation database is 99% accurate on a country level, 84% accurate on a city level within the US, and ~70% accurate for cities outside of the US. It is stored in a proprietary format so we don't have the ability to make changes to it, however it is updated once a month by the company that provides it. When you consider that there are over 4.2 billion possible IPs and they are constantly changing hands, you may see the difficulties with keeping this information up to date.

How come I can't see more than the last 7 days history?

Only Premium accounts have access to data older than 7 days. Once you upgrade, your data will be available.

Test Live Questions?

How to upgrade from a TEST LIVE account?

Go to the Pricing Page and choose your product(s) & plan. Then, on the Account Sign Up page under the Email Entry, click "I CURRENTLY HAVE A TESTING ACCOUNT" enter the test account details and select "Validate Account". By completing this step your Settings, Company Information, Logo, etc. will be moved over from the test account.

I just started with a TEST LIVE account and images are not showing?

We automatically generate pages for you to preview Live Chat and FooterBars on your website. When going to these preview url's if images are not displayed, your current hosting settings most likely do not allow image hotlinking. You will need to follow the Installation instructions and manually install our application.